Quickstart guide to Cuzwork

Welcome to Cuzwork. We'll guide you to the basics to get started with our platform. After the basics you'll find some steps to customize the platform.

1. Sign up / Log in

Sign up to our platform using your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account. You can also sign up using an email and password.

2. Create a team

You'll see your dashboard after sign up. Here you an create a new team and you'll see the teams you've been invited to.

3. Invite your friends

Under the tab 'users' you can invite your team members and make one or multiple team members team administrator.

4. Create a project

Create a new project under the tab 'projects'. All your team members will be added to the project automatically.

5. Create your tickets

On the tickets overview page you can create your first ticket. You can also search, filter and sort the tickets.

Extra: Start customizing

In the project configurations you can start customizing the project.

  • chevron_right Enable/Disable the default fields
  • chevron_right Change the columns in the tickets overview
  • chevron_right Add custom fields (10+ types)
  • chevron_right Add or change the ticket statuses
  • chevron_right Change the ticket numbering and format