Add a shortcut to your favorite projects

Easily add projects to your favorites in the navigation bar to quick access.


Mobile friendly

The whole platform is mobile-friendly, interactive and intuitive.


Mute notifications per team/project/ticket

You can mute notification for all projects in a team, just a project and each ticket individually. If you are the creator, reporter, assignee or you're tagged you'll automatically follow the ticket.


Project last updated time

In the project overview you can easily see when a project was updated for the last time. So you know if there is something new.


Encrypted traffic

All traffic between you and the Cuzwork servers is encrypted using TLS 1.2, the industry standard for secure connections. The credit card details are safely stored and managed by Mollie.


Data security

The Cuzwork servers are hosted in the Netherlands. All personal user data and backups are encrypted. We make multiple backups every day to ensure your data is never lost.


Custom fields

You can upto 10 custom fields to the ticket of a project. You can choose from the following types: string, integer, text, user, boolean, date (calendar), time (clock), single and multi dropdown.


Enable/Disable default fields

We already added the most used default fields for you, like description field, reporter field, assignee field, priority - you can easily disable any field that you don't need. You can also disable the upload and likes feature.


Custom ticket numbering

Create your own ticket number (pre-, post- and start number) to make it easier to identify a ticket within mulitple projects.


Custom ticket status and color

You can add your own ticket statuses and set a color. You can even set which status should be the default status for a new ticket.


Update a ticket priority from the overview

You can change the ticket priority directly in the ticket overview.


Add comments

You can add comments to each ticket. You can also disable this feature in the project settings.


Add attachments

You can add attachments to the tickets. Is your max. diskspace full upgrade your team for more diskspace.


Ticket history

All changes to a ticket are logged and you can see the history of each ticket.


Follow tickets

You can start following tickets by clicking the notification icon in the overview. If you create a new ticket, set as reporter/assignee or if add a comment you'll automatically follow the ticket.


Tag your team members

You can easily tag a team member of refer to another ticket with the @ mention feature. Use # to refer to another ticket.


Give likes

You can like and also dislike a comment to promote certain comments or give a quick appreciation.


Double-click for status update

Double click on the status in the ticket table and you can change the status inline.


Change the table columns

You can change and add new columns the ticket overview. You are also able to add your custom fields to the ticket overview.


Slack, Trello

Automatically send updates to your Slack channel, Trello boards or your own app with the webhook.


Enable/Disable default fields

We add some default fields by default for you - to get started directly. You can easily disable any of the default fields and even disable the comment fetaure.


Restrict team members access

You can restrict and grant access to each member individually for each project.


Enable/Disable project features

You can enable/disable default features like; comments, attachment, likes and things to auto set the reporter.


Export your reports

You can export your reports with graphs to PDF and Excel.


Pay per team and not per user

You pay per team subscription. No worries about whether or not to add a new user. Our prices are cheaper than most other platforms.


Free upto 5 users

You can use Cuzwork for free for teams upto 5 users. If want to add more users, more custom fields or more file storage you can easily upgrade your subscription.


Unlimited projects

A team can have unlimited projects. For each project you set the access rights for each member of the team.


Auto add users from your domain

You can enable the feature to auto add a new users that signs up with your domain name (after email verification).


Free file storage

You can upload any kind of files to the tickets. You can upload up-to 500MB on the free tier.


Multiple team admins

You can add unlimited team admins to each team. Team admins can configure the team and project settings.


Choose your username

With your own username your team members can easy tag you.


Add your avatar

Your profile will make it easier for your team members to select you.


Working internationally

Your timezone is automatically set based on your location, feel free to change it and set your preferred date format.


Email interval

Select your preferred email interval. We will digest all updates into 1 email and send that to you - so you're inbox doesn't get flooded.


Secure with Two-Factor Authentication

Setup Two-Factor Authentication for your account for more security. You can use use the apps Google Authenticator, Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator and 1Password.


Mute notifications outside office hours

You can mute email notifications outside your office hours to enjoy your free time. You can also mute each team and project individually.