A Tour Of Your New Home In Cuzwork

published on 18/06/2018


We have given Cuzwork a major update. Totally redesigned from scratch and we added some amazing new features.

Our design team has done a great job re-designing the platform. The basics of the platform features you’re familiar with remained the same. We’ve added nice new features – we listed some of them below – and we made everything more user-friendly and intuitive.


We also made Cuzwork more accessible to start-ups and small teams with new pricing plans. The Free plan got more features and all paid plans are made cheaper. All teams that have an active subscription are automatically transferred to the new pricing plans.


Here are some of the new features we added;


· @mentions – you might know this from other platforms like Twitter and GitHub. You can now easily tag other team members with the @ sign. You can also refer to other tickets with the # sign.

· Likes – you can now like and dislike comments under a ticket. You can enable this feature in the project configurations.

· Auto set reporter – you can let us auto set the reporter for a new ticket (you). You can enable this and other similar new features in the project configurations.

· More ticket statuses colours – you can now choose from over 20 different colours for your custom ticket statuses.

· Progress bar – each project page now has a beautiful progress that indicates the percentages of tickets grouped by their ticket status.

· Re-order – you can now re-order your custom fields and custom ticket statuses to match your workflow.

· Avatar – we’ve given each user an avatar. You can change your avatar or upload your own on your profile page.

· Status page – here you can see the status of the platform and related services.


We’d love to hear about your opinion about the updated and are always open for suggestions. Do you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


Team Cuzwork