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Making collaboration simpler, easier
and without hassle

Cuzwork is the collaboration platform that helps small teams to better work together. With Cuzwork you can create your customized ticket tracking platform for affordable pricing. Launched in 2017, Cuzwork is growing rapidly with users all around the globe.

Especially developers use Cuzwork to communicate with their clients. The platform is easy to understand by technical and non-technical users. With the customizable fields and ticket statuses, it's easy to customize it to your project requirements.

Build to be customized

When we started developing Cuzwork we kept in mind - to keep everything as customizable as possible. We wanted to create a platform that could be used by everyone.

Easy to use - for everyone

Cuzwork is easy to use as it follows a single way to perform a certain action. This way it is easy to understand - even for your non-technical clients and stakeholders.