Ticket tracking made easy and fully customizable.

Cuzwork projects enables you to organize and prioritize your projects in a flexible and configurable way.

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A productivity platform for small teams

Whether you develop a website or app, organize your next company trip, you name it - Cuzwork helps your team.

  • check Teams and projects
  • check Customizable tables and columns
  • check Multi- filter and sort features
  • check Auto @mention user tagging

A platform build to be customizable

Cuzwork is build from scratch with the idea to make it customizable for each team and project.

  • check Custom ticket statuses
  • check Custom fields (+10 field types)
  • check Customizable column tables
  • check Custom ticket numbering format
  • check Disable/Enable standard fields

We want to make it as comfortable for you as we can

Secure your account, working with an international team and choose when, which and how many notifications you want to receive.

  • check Secure with Two-Factor Authentication
  • check Work internationally with timezone support
  • check Mute notifications outside office hours
  • check Digest email notifications with preferred frequency
  • check Easily mute each team and project individually

Custom fields

Add custom fields to your project. You can choose from more than 10 different field types and set their default value, min, max and make it a required field.


Custom ticket statuses

Add custom ticket statuses to your project. You can choose the name, color and make it the default status for a new ticket.


Intelligent updates

Get the latest updates from all projects in one digested email with your preferred email frequency and you can even mute teams and projects.


Easy filtering / sorting

Easily sort and filter the tickets in the the overview. The system automatically remembers your preferred settings for next time.


Auto suggest

Quickly tag users and refer to other tickets with the autocomplete feature integrated into the whole platform.


Good job!

Like and dislike a comment just like you do on Facebook with the like button.

Social login

Login with your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account. You can also register with your email address.


Work internationally

You can work internationally with Cuzwork. We support all timezones and you can even set your preferred date format.

Slack, Trello and more

Integrate your Cuzwork projects with the apps that you love. You can connect with your Slack channel, Trello boards and your own app using the webhook.