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Everything is customizable

Cuzwork allows you to customize almost everything. You can customize your dashboard, custom fields, ticket statuses and much more.

Easy to use and modern

Cuzwork is user-friendly - build for technical and non-technical people.

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Quick setup

Get started within a minute and for free. Register an account or use your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account to login. Create a team + project and you can start creating your tickets. We have already setup the most common fields but you can customize everything.

Cuz we've awesome features

Cuzwork is made to be customized so everyone can create their own tailor-made system. Just like you we don't like spam email - that's why the system combines all updates into 1 email. The system also automatically remembers your favorites and preferred settings.

Easy to navigate

Add your most-used projects to your favorites and access them easily from the navigation bar. The platform automatically remembers your preferences at any time.

We added nice small features that will improve your team's efficiency - you'll discover them along the way.

Build to customize

We understand that most teams have their own processes and needs. That’s why we created Cuzwork. You can customize Cuzwork to your own needs like it’s tailored-made.

You can disable all default fields and settings if you don't use them in your projects..

Outstanding features

Many custom fields formats available
Add custom fields to your tickets. For each custom field, you can also define a default value, explanatory sentence, min. and max. value and whether this field is mandatory. You can choose from 10 different types.

Select the columns that matter
Choose which columns you want to show in the ticket overview. You can choose from the default fields, your added custom fields, the number of comments, a snippet of the last comment and more.

Changeable ticket numbering format
Define your own ticket format (prefix and postfix) and offset. With this feature, it is easy to identify a specific ticket if there is more than 1 project.

Customizable ticket statuses
Add your own ticket statuses. By default, we already created new, open, resolved and hold for you. You can change these statuses, set a color for each status and select which status is the default status for a new created ticket.

Who uses Cuzwork

Cuzwork is build for startups + SME that want an easy way to collaborate with their team and customers.


Custom fields

You can add your own custom fields. You can choose from 10 different field types. For each field, you can set the default value, min./max. value and whether it's a required field.


Custom ticket statuses

Add your own ticket statuses and choose the color you want. You can delete or change the default statuses.


Intelligent updates

Get the last tickets updates in the navigation bar and in your email inbox. You can mute the notifications by team, project and you can follow/unfollow each individual ticket.


Easy filtering / sorting

You can easily filter and sort the tickets within your project. You can search tickets with several filters. It automatically remembers your preferred statuses and it will show them by default.


Modern design

Cuzwork is a new intelligent an interactive platform. Cuzwork has a modern design and fully customizable and can be integrated with many other apps.

Beautiful graphs

You can create beautiful graphs and export them to Excel and PDF. We support the graph types; bar, line and area. You can filter on date, status and more.

Monthly / Annual billing

We support monthly and annual billing. After the first payment we will automatically debit your account. The Free plan doesn't require a credit card. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


Work internationally

Does your team work international? We support all timezones and you can even set your preferred date format.

Slack, Trello and more

You can connect Cuzwork with the apps you love. You can connect with your Slack channels, Trello boards and to your own application with the Outgoing Webhook.

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